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Shakespeare and Speculative Fiction

Also check out my guest blog post at the Penumbra blog, on Shakespeare and Speculative Fiction. Penumbra will be publishing a story of mine called Troubles with Shakespeare: an Idler’s Account of his Grand Destiny, coming out next week! It’s a busy month for me.


Something Wicked Update

My story the Lighthouse and an interview with me can now be found available on Something Wicked. Enjoy!

The Lighthouse, in Something Wicked Magazine

The January Issue of Something Wicked Magazine just released, including my story The Lighthouse!

I’m ecstatic. Go check it out!

Acceptance, Professional Payment

Oh my goodness.

I just got an acceptance letter from One Buck Horror, for a little short story of mine called Juliet. They’ll be publishing it in their February issue!

My second paid story, and this one is at “professional” pay. Five cents a word! Can I call myself a professional writer now?

Sweet sweet buckets, accepted! I feel like a rock star.

My story in Something Wicked should be coming out in December or January. More links as these things actually hit publication.

NaNoWriMo 2011

November is almost here, and I’ll be participating in National Novel Writing Month–sort of. My friend, fellow writer and roommate Rachel does it every year, according to the true spirit of NaNoWriMo: start a novel on November 1st, and complete at least 50,000 words of it (the length of a short young adult novel) by November 30th. That method doesn’t work for me, but I do like the intense month of writing, and I do well with deadlines, so I’m going to do what I’ve done before: write 50k words of whatever I please. I’ll probably do a handful of short stories, and make some inroads into a novel I’ve already started.

Current progress on Tessare’s Story (working title): 21,629 words. Three chapters.

We’ll see what those numbers look like at the end of the month.

New Writing Published at Cliterature!

I have a new story piece published in the latest issue of Cliterature, on the theme of Madness. My story is called Völva, based on Scandinavian history and legend.



Something Wicked wrote me back and said they’d thought it over, passed the story around the office, and unanimously decided that they would very much like to publish it. Oh my goodness.

My first paid story! Expect to see me in print in the next few months. I’ll post a link when the magazine goes up.