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29-year old writer. My work is predominantly fantasy, with a strong base in fairy tales and history. I have professionally published short stories in Something Wicked Magazine, One Buck Horror, and Penumbra. Recently I have been learning how to effectively handle plot on novel-length stories, and I should have some exciting new announcements coming soon!

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  1. Xiu Xiu permalink

    Hey Genevieve! I am your hardcore fan from way across the world =]
    I read your stories online and hooked ever since.
    It has been years but I always check your page every time, just a little fraction of hope that you will post again.
    I follow you through everything , yes!your LJ, and other stuff that can find online by all means.
    I leave this comment because while I looking at your picture, I feel like a stalker haha
    I don’t know anything about you except I read all your work, so be assure 😛
    Just wants to say congrats that one of your work is going to be publish soon.
    Best of luck for you!

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