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Prince of Kriti Book Giveaway!

Prince of Kriti“, my bisexual alt-history court intrigue novella is available today for free on Amazon!

In sun-kissed Kriti, called Keftiu, the Holy Island, Prince Horu is one year away from claiming his throne. His aunt, the Ice Queen Isabo who serves as Regent, has no intentions of letting that happen. Horu turns to his uncle Deinos, his greatest ally, but soon begins to suspect that Deinos has been playing a game, and Horu is only one of many pawns.


Monster Mash: Comic Collaboration

My first comic collaboration, with my artist friend Shad!

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In Progress:

Current projects in progress:

Finished “Monster Mash”, short story comic collaboration, expect to see it posted in the next few days!

A novel about an actress in Fantasy AU Prague who becomes a spy for the Queen~ (Status: Early first draft)

Graphic novel projects “Xibalba” and “Glass Soul” are in “seeking artist” status.

And I’m trying to get back into writing short stories. “Dreams of Ash” is in edits.

Busy busy. More updates as they happen.

Troubles with Shakespeare now available free!

Penumbra’s back issues are now available for free. You can pick up Volume 1, Issue 5 here, featuring my story “Troubles with Shakespeare.”

Juliet, in One Buck Horror

My story Juliet, published in One Buck Horror, is now available on Amazon!

Ode to a Blank Page

I both love and hate the blank page.
I love it for all that potential. All that crisp white space, filled with all the ideas in the universe. Like when you know that white is all the colors. All of them are there in my white page: the hopes and dreams of a thousand characters, spread across a thousand worlds.
But I also hate the blank page, because of the way it sits there taunting me. I don’t know where to start or what to say. I don’t know how to fill my characters with hopes and dreams. I don’t know where they’re going or why, and all that white is terribly, tragically lonely.
It’s worst of all when I’m starting a new project. I have all these ideas, all these plots and characters peeking around the corners of the page, full of energy and enthusiasm, but I can’t get past that big blank wall of space. I’m so scared of those false starts, when writing is slogging through mud, my characters are flat, my dialogue is clunky, and my metaphors are like big ugly wheels of moldy cheese. All I need is one word, and one sentence to get me started. But if it’s the wrong start, I’ll slog for a few hundred or few thousand words, and then I’ll have to try again. And sometimes again. And again. Until I’ve muddled up that original beautiful idea so badly that it’s irretrievable.
That’s where I am now. New project. And I’ve already messed it up twice.
This time it’s better. I’ve got a prologue that leaps and bounds with energy and promise. I’ve got a plot just itching to get off the ground and fly. The terrain of this new story is filled with challenge and excitement, stretching the bounds of my best work as a writer. I’m already covering new ground, and I’ve barely started.
But, prologue finished, my new blank page and I just stare at each other. All I need is a word, and the confidence that this time I will succeed.
Here we go.

The city steeped herself in vanity…

Well, I’m super excited for February…

Penumbra’s Shakespeare issue just released, including my story Troubles with Shakespeare: an Idler’s Account of His Grand Destiny. I am ridiculously proud of this absurd little story, about Shakespeare in the 35th century. Enjoy!